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A novel lectin was isolated through the mushroom (designated AAL-2) by

A novel lectin was isolated through the mushroom (designated AAL-2) by affinity chromatography with GlcNAc (lectin-II). of immune cells and identification of blood groups, as well as characterization of glycan alterations on the surface between normal and neoplastic cells [2C4]. The newly developed lectin array has been proved to be a powerful tool for 134381-21-8 IC50 the comprehensive analysis of glycans or glycoconjugates [5]. Much significant information has been obtained from use of lectin arrays. 1-2-Fucose-specific lectin (rBC2LCN) has been applied in the detection of undifferentiated induced pluripotent EIF4EBP1 stem cells/embryonic stem cells, but not differentiated somatic cells [6], TKA (agglutinin) and PNA (peanut agglutinin) were used to distinguish the stem-like glioblastoma neurosphere cultured from a traditional adherent glioblastoma cell line [7], GNA (agglutinin), NPA (agglutinin), PSA (agglutinin), LcH (lectin) and 134381-21-8 IC50 Con A (concanavalin A) have been used for the detection of high-mannose N-linked oligosaccharides on differentiated neutrophils in comparison with the promyelocytic leukaemia cell line HL-60 [8], DSL (lectin), SLL [lectin; formerly LEL (lectin)] and MAL (lectin) showed a binding preference for mouse laminin, whereas SNA (agglutinin), SSA (agglutinin) and TJA-I (agglutinin-I) showed strong binding to bovine transferrin [9]. More lectins with unambiguous and/or distinctive glycan-binding selectivity are needed to be studied and exploited for probes of glycan structures. Thus there is an urgent need to find powerful lectin candidates for glycan analysis. Lectins are useful tools for tumour diagnosis, antivirus research and drug-delivery studies [10]. For example, MAL has been used in prostate cancer diagnosis 134381-21-8 IC50 because of its preferential binding to prostate-specific antigen [11], HPA (agglutinin) recognizes the glycosylation changes of metastatic breast cancer [12], BCA (lectin) can potently provide entry inhibition of HIV-1 and influenza viruses [13], microvirin has anti-HIV-1 activity with a high safety profile and low toxicity [14], and odorranalectin has been reported to be the smallest lectin so far and with potential for drug delivery and targeting [15]. An increasing number of lectins from plants and animals have been purified and characterized; however, the information on lectins isolated from fungal sources remains limited [16]. Fungal lectins are attractive because of their wide distribution, high content, assorted carbohydrate-binding specificities and anti-tumour activities especially. lectin was proven to possess anti-tumour activity against human being cancer of the colon HT29 and breasts tumor cell lines MCF-7 [17], lectin exhibited anti-proliferative activity in hepatoma HepG2 cells and human being breast tumor MCF-7 cells [18], lectin-2 and lectin-1 could inhibit the development of sarcoma 180 cells [19], lectin exerted powerful anti-tumour activity in mice bearing sarcoma 180 [20], and lectin was been shown to be cytotoxic to HeLa cells [21]. In today’s paper, we record a book fungal lectin AAL-2 (lectin 2) through the fruiting body of lectin-II), which were found in biochemical and biomedical research widely. Moreover, we demonstrated that AAL-2 got anti-tumour activity not merely for the induction of hepatoma cells apoptosis was gathered through the Sanming Institute of Fungi (Sanming, Fujian, 134381-21-8 IC50 P.R. China). GlcNAc was bought from Sangon Biotech. Epoxy-activated Sepharose 6B was bought from GE Health care. Cell mice and lines A murine hepatoma cell range H22, and a human being hepatoma cell range Huh7, had been supplied by the CCTCC (China Middle for Type?Tradition Collection, Wuhan College or university). Man BALB/c mice (6C8-week-old) were purchased from the Hubei Experimental Animal Laboratory (Hubei, China) and maintained in a pathogen-free facility. Procedures were performed according to approved protocols and in accordance with recommendations for the proper care and use of laboratory animals. Preparation of GlcNAc-coupled Sepharose 6B matrix GlcNAc-coupled Sepharose 6B was prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions (GE Healthcare). In brief,.